Current Faculty

John Atkins

Ph.D., D.Sc.

Research: Translational control, genetic recoding

Mario Capecchi

Ph.D., Nobel Laureate

Research: Mouse developmental genetics, gene-targeting, genetic models of complex diseases

Capecchi Lab Page

Richard Cawthon

M.D., Ph.D.

Research: Genetics of aging

Clement Chow


Research: Genetic Variation

Chow Lab Page

Nels Elde


Research: Pathogen-driven evolution, evolutionary cell biology

Elde Lab Page

Research: Mobile genetic elements, genome variation and evolution, paleovirology

Feschotte Lab Page

Raymond F. Gesteland -Emeritus


Research: Embryonic development, zebrafish genetics

Research: Medical statistical genetics, type 2 diabetes

Hasstedt Lab Page

Research: Protein synthesis, translational control

Lynn B. Jorde

Ph.D. (Department Chair)

Research: Medical genetics, Human evolutionary genetics, population genomics

Jorde Lab Page

Research: Mouse developmental genetics, muscle development and regeneration, evo-devo

Kardon Lab Page

Research: Eye development, zebrafish neurogenetics

Mark F. Leppert – Emeritus


Research: Medical genetics, human genetic variation

Research: Drosophila embryonic development, cell signaling, morphogenesis

Research: Mouse ear and heart development, FGF signaling

Research: Human Genomic Variation, Bioinformatics, Genome Biology

Research: Drosophila morphogenesis, RNA decay

Research: Mouse model of pancreatic cancer, genetics of type 1 diabetes

Research: Genome biology, Mobile genetic elements, Parasite genome evolution

Research: Genetics, Genomics, Computer Science

Quinlan Lab Page

Research: Drosophila developmental genetics, Hox genes

Research: Reproductive biology, cell biology of sperm, C. elegans genetics

Louisa Stark


Research: Genetic Science Learning Center, education

Stark Website

Research: Drosophila developmental genetics, metabolism

Thummel lab

Research: Human genomics, DNA sequencing, bioinformatics

Weiss Lab – Genome Depot

Mark Yandell


Research: Genome Biology, bioinformatics, gene annotation

Yandell Lab Page

Adjunct Faculty

Dale Abel
Adjunct Professor
Internal Medicine
Lab Website

Orly Alter
Adjuct Associate Professor
Department of Bioengineering
Scientific Computing & Imaing (SCI) Institute

Brenda Bass
Adjunct Professor
Lab Website

Jeff Botkin
Adjunct Professor

Arthur Brothman
Adjunct Professor

Nicola Camp
Adjunct Professor
Genetic Epidemiology

Karen Eilbeck
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Biomedical Informatics

Christopher Gregg
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Neurobiology & Anatomy

Maurine Hobbs
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine

Erik Jorgensen
Adjunct Professor
Lab Website

Dean Li
Adjunct Professor
Lab Website

Anne Moon
Adjunct Associate Professor

John Opitz
Adjunct Professor

Josef Prchal
Adjunct Professor

Mike Shapiro
Adjunct Associate Professor
Department of Biology
Lab Website