Anthea Letsou, Ph.D.


Research Focus

Our studies of Drosophila embryonic development provide a conceptual framework for studying mammalian developmental systems of cell-cell interaction such as neural tube closure. Characterizing Drosophila genes and their mammalian homologues should greatly enhance our understanding of 1) human embryonic development and 2) the effects that genetic and environmental insults have on development.

Representative Publications

VanHook, A. and Letsou, A. (2008) Head Involution in Drosophila: Genetic and morphogenetic connections to dorsal closure. Dev. Dyn. 237:28-38.

Bates, K.L., Higley, M., and Letsou, A. (2008) raw mediates antagonism of AP-1 activity in Drosophila. Genetics 178: 1989-2002.

Scuderi, A. Simin, K, Kazuko, S.G., Metherall, J.E. and Letsou, A. (2006). scylla and charybde, homologues of the human apoptotic gene RTP801, are required for head involution in Drosophila. Dev. Biol. 291:110-22.

Scuderi, A. and Letsou, A. (2005). The Amnioserosa is Required for Dorsal Closure in Drosophila. Dev. Dyn. 232: 791-800. [cover image].

Letsou, A. and Bohmann, D. (2005). Small Flies – Big Discoveries: Nearly a Century of Drosophila Genetics and Development. Dev. Dyn.232: 526-528.

VanHook, A. and Letsou, A. (2004). Bully for Bugs. Dev. Dyn.229: 411-412.

VanHook, A. and Letsou, A. (2003). Closing the gap: Signaling cell shape changes in dorsal closure. Recent Res. Devel. Genet.3: 85-106.

Simin, K., Scuderi, A., Reamey, J. Weiss, R., Metherall, J.E. and Letsou, A. (2002). Profiling patterned transcripts in Drosophila embryos. Genome Res.12:1040-7.

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