Postdoctoral position – Mansour Laboratory – University of Utah

My laboratory in the Department of Human Genetics at the University of Utah has an open position for a postdoctoral fellow to work on NIH-funded projects involving FGF signaling in auditory sensory and supporting cell differentiation in the mouse. The ideal candidate should have at least two years of graduate or postdoctoral research experience in perinatal/postnatal inner ear development, including anatomic, molecular and functional analyses, with strong publications (can be pending) in these areas, but I also welcome applicants with strong experience in other developing sensory systems. Stipend will follow NIH guidelines and the fellow will be mentored through the process of applying for individual support (stipend and/or newly developed project) as appropriate. In addition, presentation and networking opportunities include participation in the weekly Human Genetics Research in Progress series and the monthly Inner Ear Research Group, which comprises multiple labs with diverse interests.

E-mailed inquiries to Suzanne Mansour (ude.h1561597431atu.s1561597431citen1561597431eg@ru1561597431osnam1561597431.izus1561597431) should include a brief (<1 page) current research description, a Biosketch, and the names and contact information of two individuals (current PI and one other), who can be contacted to comment on your suitability for this position. The ideal candidate would be able to start in early 2017.