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In summer of 2008, Amber Mathiesen did a perinatal genetics rotation in in Toronto; Lorraine Naylor did a pediatric genetics rotation in Capetown, South Africa; and Kayla Sheets did a pediatric genetics rotation in Santiago, Chile (in Spanish).


Rena Vanzo, MS, LCGC won the first UUGPGC Teaching Award, which is conferred by the second year students and supported by the Division of Medical Genetics. Rena was the genetic counselor in the Metabolic Clinic in the Division of Medical Genetics, Department of Pediatrics. She recently became the first genetic counseling at Lineagen, Inc. Lineagen is a local company focused on complex, genetically linked disorders such as autism.


Katie Dunn won the National Society of Genetic Counselors New Leader Award for 2011. Kaite is a genetic counselor at the VA Hospital, a program faculty member, and an alumna of the program. her roles with the genetic counseling program include clinical rotation director for the VA Hospital Adult Genetics/Cancer Genetics rotation, member of the Clinical Supervision Committee, and co-ordinator for the shadowing opportunities for program applicants. Congratulations, Katie!


Karin M. Dent, Assistant Professor in Pediatrics and a program faculty member, is serving as President of the National Society of Genetic Counselors for 2011. Karin’s roles with the genetic counseling program have included co-instructing GC Seminar I, Human Genetics, and Clinical Genetics, rotation supervisor in pediatric genetics, and serving on the Curriculum Committee. Congratulations, Karin!

Starting August 2011, the University of Utah will use an all-online admissions application process. Please click on Admissions for details and to access the online application. Although the program deadline for applications is January 15, the admissions office estimates that applications will take up to 30 days to be available to the Admissions Committee. It is strongly suggested that applicants submit their applications by December 19, 2011 for admission fall, 2012. Applicants must read the program requirements on the Admissions page and meet those requirements when submitting their application. Since the process is new this year, if there are problems with the process, applicants can contact Lisa Peterson or Bonnie Baty (see Contact Us).

August 20, 2012 – Class of 2014 matriculates with 7 students.

The UUGPGC welcomes seven students this year. They are from Utah, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Alaska, California, Nevada, and Washington. Their biosketches are included in our student page.

In May 2012, Rena Vanzo, MS, LCGC, won the third annual UUGPGC Teaching Award, which is conferred by the second year students and supported by the Division of Medical Genetics. Rena is senior genetic counselor at Lineagen, Inc. and previously worked in the Division of Medical Genetics as a genetic counselor in the Biochemical and General Genetics Clinics. She is currently co-instructor for the Human Genetics course (H Gen 6500) and co-chair of the Admissions Committee. Rena is also a clinical supervisor, frequent student mentor, and research mentor.

Bonnie Baty, MS, LCGC received a University of Utah Distinguished Teaching Award. A nominee for the Distinguished Teaching Award must maintain a consistent record of outstanding teaching performance and implement effective and innovative teaching methods which demonstrate exceptional abilities to motivate student learning. Nominee must show a concern for students and their wider education as well as their career preparation and must also contribute to the educational process outside of the classroom (curriculum planning, supervision of programs, development of community programs, etc.).

Thanks to the donors of student fellowships for fall 2012!

We are grateful to the Educational Resource Development Council (ERDC), ARUP Labs, and Myriad Genetics for partnering with our program to fund student fellowships for fall 2012. These fellowships help to make the graduate program more affordable for our students. The fellowships not only provide a stipend, but also make students eligible for the University of Utah Tuition Benefit Program in the semester fellowship. We are in need of funds for spring 2013. To participate, please go to our Giving Opportunities page or contact the program director.

Thanks to a private donor for providing $500 stipends to help second year students attend the NSGC conference in fall 2012!