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Article titled, Dining with Cannibals: Why eating Human Brains can kill you, features research by the Genetic Science Learning Center.

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The McIntyres are parents of a six year old boy who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). Carson was diagnosed with DMD at age three and their lives changed forever in that moment. They were to learn that Carson would not be able to play as other children can and he would be confined to a wheelchair in his early teens and most likely lose his battle to DMD in his late teens.

DMD is one of more than 40 types of muscular dystrophy that predominantly affect boys (90% of the time) approximately one boy in 3,500 worldwide. DMD is the number one killer in children today with approximately 20,000 cases reported each year.

Since so little is known about this deadly disease the standard course of treatment was to provide

patient comfort and enjoy what little time they had. That news did not sit well with the McIntyres! They sought out the best doctors and research scientists in the country, and they found a DMD expert right here in the Department of Human Genetics at the University of Utah.

Dr. Kevin Flanigan met with the McIntyres and shared the fateful news about their young son’s future and the bleak picture of research funding. The McIntyres picked up the gauntlet and put every available resource to task to insure funding for DMD research. To date the McIntyres have raised over $150,000 and have vowed to continue until a cure is found and every boy saved from this horrible disease. We salute the McIntyres and their valiant, proactive efforts in support of research.


The new pipe on the  6th and 7th floors is almost completed.

The contractor has scheduled the 23rd and 24th to shut off the heating water to the 7th floor to make the change over to the new system. The 6th floor will have the system shut off on the 30th of September and the 1st of October for the change over. A formal shut down notice will be sent out to inform everyone of the dates.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Everything is pretty much on schedule at this point.  They’re working in section C now and are putting in access panels on both floors.

Update 8/23/2013

KOH is one week behind on proposed schedule due to materials and setup.

Update your schedules so everyone is aware of the changes

The next shut down will be for heating water for levels 7 & 6 for Sept 23 – 25.



The pipe replacement project has begun again. KOH Mechanical is continuing the project with Craig as the foreman. They are starting on the northeast corner floors of 6 and 7 (Letsou and Howard Labs on 7, Kardon and Pritham Labs on 6). They’ll be in each section approximately 4 days, then proceed in a clockwise direction.

The first phase of construction involves mounting the new pipe parallel to the existing pipe. Craig hopes that the disruption of lab work will be minimal. Once all of the pipe has been installed, they will connect it to the system and go back around to each section to remove the old pipe. This will be slightly more invasive as they will cover everything in their path, however, they don’t expect it to take more than one day in each lab bay.

We have lab space available on the 2nd floor if you feel that relocating would be better for your lab than working around the construction.

Craig will be onsite to answer any questions that come up. He will also stop by at the end of each week and give us an update on the progress. If you have any questions or conerns you are welcome to contact Natalie, 5-5462 or Gene, 5-5055.


Please note that B,M, and E on the right hand side of the following table indicate beginning, middle and end.