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Dr. Chow’s resarch on NGLY1 Deficiency featured in the American Society of Human genetics

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The rise of the mammals may be feel like a familiar tale, but there’s a twist you likely don’t know about: If it wasn’t for a virus, it might not have happened at all.


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One thousand Utahns with family histories of rare and life-threatening diseases are participating in something called the 1K Project — although their part ended a while ago.

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NantHealth and University of Utah Establish Heritage 1K Project to Discover Genetic Causes of 25 Rare and Common Diseases.

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Scientists at the University of Utah School of Medicine, ARUP Laboratories, and IDbyDNA, Inc., have developed ultra-fast, meta-genomics analysis software called Taxonomer that dramatically improves the accuracy and speed of pathogen detection…

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Article titled, Dining with Cannibals: Why eating Human Brains can kill you, features research by the Genetic Science Learning Center.

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New images for the department retreat 2015 up in park city have been posted online.



GQT: software for querying millions of genomes.

The paper is Efficient genotype compression and analysis of large genetic-variation data sets


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Postdoctoral position – Chow Laboratory – University of Utah

The Chow Lab in the Department of Human Genetics at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City is recruiting postdoctoral research associates.


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Two scientists from the University of Utah have been named to the prestigious National Academy of Medicine: geneticist Mario R. Capecchi and Vivian S. Lee, dean of the medical school.

Capecchi and Lee are among 70 new U.S. members and 10 non-U.S. members elected in the class of 2015, the academy announced this week.

They join 21 others associated with the U. who are members of the academy.

U. President David W. Pershing, said both have made “significant impacts on the lives of people everywhere,” according to a news release.

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