Current Faculty

Human Genetics

John Atkins

Ph.D., D.Sc.

Research: Translational control, genetic recoding

Mario Capecchi

Ph.D., Nobel Laureate

Research: Mouse developmental genetics, gene-targeting, genetic models of complex diseases

Capecchi Lab Page

Richard Cawthon

M.D., Ph.D.

Research: Genetics of aging

Clement Chow


Research: Genetic Variation

Chow Lab Page

Nels Elde


Research: Pathogen-driven evolution, evolutionary cell biology

Elde Lab Page

Research: Mobile genetic elements, genome variation and evolution, paleovirology

Feschotte Lab Page

Raymond F. Gesteland -Emeritus


Research: Embryonic development, zebrafish genetics

Research: Medical statistical genetics, type 2 diabetes

Hasstedt Lab Page

Research: Protein synthesis, translational control

Lynn B. Jorde

Ph.D. (Department Chair)

Research: Medical genetics, Human evolutionary genetics, population genomics

Jorde Lab Page

Research: Mouse developmental genetics, muscle development and regeneration, evo-devo

Kardon Lab Page

Research: Eye development, zebrafish neurogenetics

Mark F. Leppert – Emeritus


Research: Medical genetics, human genetic variation

Research: Drosophila embryonic development, cell signaling, morphogenesis

Research: Mouse ear and heart development, FGF signaling

Research: Human Genomic Variation, Bioinformatics, Genome Biology

Research: Drosophila morphogenesis, RNA decay

Research: Mouse model of pancreatic cancer, genetics of type 1 diabetes

Research: Genome biology, Mobile genetic elements, Parasite genome evolution

Research: Genetics, Genomics, Computer Science

Quinlan Lab Page

Research: Drosophila developmental genetics, Hox genes

Research: Reproductive biology, cell biology of sperm, C. elegans genetics

Louisa Stark


Research: Genetic Science Learning Center, education

Stark Website

Research: Drosophila developmental genetics, metabolism

Thummel lab

Research: Human genomics, DNA sequencing, bioinformatics

Weiss Lab – Genome Depot

Mark Yandell


Research: Genome Biology, bioinformatics, gene annotation

Yandell Lab Page